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Benefits of working with Cipher Tech:


Choose a career where the paramount goal is to protect national security, and you’ll never find yourself struggling to answer the question “What gets you up in the morning?” (You just won’t be able to answer it out loud). Our motto is simple: if we can’t immediately identify the real-world national impact, we don’t chase the work, period.


We've done our absolute best to mitigate rapidly rising healthcare costs by offering heavily subsidized medical, dental and vision plans from leading providers. The company leverages high-deductible medical plans. The monthly premiums are extremely low for the employee and the company funds 100% of the deductible. Accordingly, until the deductible is met, Cipher Tech pays 100% of the bill. Once you have satisfied your annual deductible, the plan pays 100% for all In-network qualified medical & pharmacy expenses. This means you will not be subject to out of pocket co-pays or co-insurance for any participating Cigna provider.

Flex Time

Individuals working on a customer site typically have the ability to operate on a constrained "Flex 40" system which means that so long as the client building is open, the number of hours worked per day can be varied so as long as they total 40 for the week. Individuals working in Cipher Tech spaces (all open 24/7) have the ability to operate on an unconstrained "Flex 40" system so long as there is reasonable overlap with the rest of the team.

401k Plans

Cipher Tech runs its employee 401k retirement plans through Voya (formerly ING). We have a competitive fund lineup with extremely low maintenance fees, when compared to industry averages. Employees can begin to contribute after 30 days of full-time employment. Cipher Tech begins matching contributions up to 4% after one year of employment.

Spot Awards

Spot Awards are monetary awards that, at the Company’s sole discretion, are paid to employees who have gone above and beyond the call of duty. Spot awards are typically issued immediately following a significant contribution by an employee and are designed to recognize special contributions, as they occur, for a specific project or task.

Internal Research and Development (IRAD) Program

Have an idea? Always wanted to run your own team? The internal research and development program sponsors the R&D of new ideas, prototypes, products, or services that are paid for directly by Cipher Tech. The Company will authorize pools of IRAD funding when an employee, or a team of employees, has an idea that falls into one of the company's critical areas of interest.

Additional Work

There is never a shortage of work at Cipher Tech and most employees have the ability to log additional hours on various projects above and beyond their standard 40 hour weeks. While you’re never forced to work more than 40, the opportunity to work additional hours typically comes along with the ability to make more money, accrue more PTO, and explore new areas of technology.

End of Year Bonus

Cipher Tech pays sizable end of year bonuses that are comprised of three main components: a “3% Bonus”, a “Personal Performance Bonus”, and a “Company Performance Bonus”. The 3% bonus pays employees 3% of any gross revenue they drive to the company through innovative ideas that turn into contracts, products or services. These ideas are often envisioned by an employee and then incubated via the IRAD program. The personal performance bonus is driven by an individual’s proven excellence, drive, and dedication throughout the year. Lastly, the company performance bonus is a reward that’s shared between all employees when the company closes out a successful year.

PTO (Paid Time Off)

Employees earn paid time off of as a fraction of billable hours worked. PTO is essentially a bucket of hours that can be used for vacations, holidays, and sick time. With each consecutive year of employment, an employee’s PTO accrual rate will automatically increase.

Innovative Research Nights

Innovative research nights are catered monthly workshops with rotating topics that are designed to be open forums for Cipher Tech employees to learn, collaborate and prototype with new and innovative technology.

Monthly Technical Exchanges (TechExs)

Each month, the entire company’s technical staff gets together on a large interactive web conference where one or more engineers present on technical topics that can benefit the entire group. Volunteer speakers propose a variety of topics two weeks in advance and everyone votes on what they’re most interested in learning about.

LAN Parties

Employees, their families, and their significant others are welcome to attend our company-wide monthly "LAN parties". Bring a computer or connect up via the internet and get ready to battle your colleagues in a variety of computer games throughout the night. Endless amounts of pizza and Mountain Dew® are always provided. N00bs welcome.

Referral Bonuses

Cipher Tech has a clear-cut referral program which compensates existing employees for referring their interested and qualified friends to the company.

Quarterly Happy Hours

We know that you’d probably rather be writing code, but once a quarter we make it a point to host a social event in-real-life that doesn't revolve around technology. Fear not, smartphones are still permitted for those of you who prefer to sit quietly, drink beer, and communicate with each other via text message instead.

Technical Training & Tuition Reimbursement

Technical training, to include conferences and college courses, will be considered on a case-by-case basis for all employees.