Services & Solutions

At the core of Cipher Tech, you'll find a team of exceptionally talented software developers who are driven to solve the toughest problems facing national security today. Primarily acting as an engineering service provider, Cipher Tech provides a variety of technical experts to government customers for injection into new or preexisting teams, both on and off customer sites, that are charged with moving the mission forward through applied technology. Accordingly, the three cornerstones of our service offerings are described below.


Within the United States military, Defense Criminal Investigative Organizations (DCIO’s) including NCIS, Air Force OSI, Army CID, and Coast Guard IS have tremendously important and expansive missions. These groups must investigate and defeat criminal, terrorist and foreign intelligence threats against the various branches of the military, ashore, afloat and within the confines of cyberspace.

Regardless of the target, nearly every investigation involves the seizure and analysis of digital evidence. Accordingly, Special Agents in the field and forensic examiners back in the lab need a suite of advanced and continuously evolving tools to duplicate, extract, analyze, and correlate meaningful information (forensic artifacts) from suspect/enemy media.

That’s where our engineers come into play. Cipher Tech engineers often sit shoulder-to-shoulder with analysts, developing custom scripts and applications to solve the toughest cases. If it’s a hard problem that can be solved with software, we’re the team that’s doing it. Whether it’s designing a script to extract evidence from the latest app; recovering deleted data from a hard drive; implementing cutting edge facial recognition software or reconstructing damaged video, our team is up to the task. Furthermore, as one of the premier providers of digital forensic software Quick Reaction Capabilities (QRC), our engineers enjoy working on an ever changing list of difficult problems, each yielding enormous mission impact.

Of course our role does not start, nor end, with QRC solutions. Our customers also require a variety of larger automation and analysis systems to help examiners streamline the forensic process, visualize trends, and rapidly extrapolate actionable intelligence from seized media. Cipher Tech also designs, develops, and deploys custom solutions in this domain. It is a common practice for the aforementioned QRC tools to be generalized and continuously integrated into these automation platforms. This ensures that engineers only have to solve each hard problem once and that forensic examiners can focus their efforts on the areas of each case which have not yet been automated.

Our developers work with a wide variety of technologies, including but not limited to: C, C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, Python, PHP, MSSQL, Oracle, MongoDB, and Postgress.


Statically reversing Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) malware is a difficult job. It's also one that's critical to every "cyber" initiative in the country. There are only a handful of individuals in the nation who can perform this task accurately and proficiently, and several of them work for us.

Not only does our staff reverse some of the most advanced malicious code that's hitting defense, intelligence, and corporate networks across the nation today, but we are also the team that's creating and implementing custom, cutting edge frameworks, that enable others to more effectively do the same. By automating, assisting, managing a corpus of previously learned information, and enabling collaboration between reverse engineers (REs) and inter-agency groups, Cipher Tech is tearing down the tall technical barriers to entry and affording new and existing teams the ability to more quickly glean attribution and defensive information from malware samples - while it's still actionable.

Our unique, cross-bred staff of REs and developers understand the intricacies of both domains and have crafted some of the most impactful and wide-reaching RE tools in the industry today.

Our REs and software developers, alike, work with a wide variety of tools and technologies, including but not limited to: IDA Pro, Assembly (x86, x64), C, C++, Volatility, IDA Python, Cryptography, Compression, Anti-Debugging Practices, and Advanced Obfuscation Practices.